Here at O’Brien’s NI we feel like a wee local company, we might be part of an international name but in reality we are a local company run by local lads for local people. How does that affect the environment? Well let’s just say we think local..........where possible we try and source as much as we can from local suppliers and we are always looking for new ones with a passion for real honest produce at a price that doesn’t make ordinary people faint!


One good example of this would be the glorious cheesecakes that you all seem to enjoy greatly in each of our stores, these are produced for us daily by Heather & her angels at Slice of Heaven in Ards....check them out www.sliceofheavenni.co.uk


As much as we would like to get 100% of our produce from local farms and producers in Northern Ireland it just isn’t feasible at the moment as our geographic spread is too wide for most, but we are working on it and rest assured that the delicious delights that await you each day will get more local as time progresses, that’s the best environmental policy there is in our book!


On top of our local commitment we also love to make compost for the garden!! Odd thing to say you might think, but not when you know that in 2011 we took the step of changing all our takeaway coffee cups and lids to a fully biodegradable and compostable source that ensures that our branded rubbish really has the environmental credentials that much bigger brands shout about but don’t really do, check Adam and the guys at www.greenmanpackaging.com  Next on the list is to convince some of our landlords to embrace recycling on a greater scale than is currently available to us ......it might even save them money!!


Balancing Environment and Economics is a constant battle and we can use all the help we can get so if you know of any way we can improve please talk to us.