Meet the team...

At Obrien’s NI we value people who love to serve people; we are passionate about our food, our shops and most of all how our customers are treated. We truly believe that the customer is always right and that the most import thing in everything we do each and every day of every week of every month is our customer.

Our people are people who love being part of the service industry, professionals who believe in great service and ensuring that every customer who visits our stores are treated like the special individuals they are, we call it the “granny rule”.....just ask the next time you are in.

Passion and pride are what we look for in our people and anyone with a real passion and pride in what they do and a true joy in serving others would be a great addition to our team.

If you feel that any of this sound like you or anybody you know, pass it on or contact us directly and send your CV to 


  • Lizzie Carroll

    Lizzie is the dazzling smile that greats all visitors to our Quays store in Newry. Liz loves to make her customers happy and is adamant that Coffee & Cake is the answers to any problem. Pop in and let her and the team sort you out with a big slice of cake......its good for you!!

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  • Adrian Garvey

    Adrian is the founder of the business in Northern Ireland, he is passionate about good food and great service!! Adrian loves to hear from our customers so if you have anything to tell us please do, the good, the bad and the ugly!!!

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  • Angela Sheppard

    Angela is our Chief People Person and is responsible for our HR function and ensuring a happy team is always there for our customers Angela is a busy lady. Being a dedicated vegetarian she is a big fan of our Italian Shambo.

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  • Irene McKeown

    Irene is our very own 'miss moneybags' she holds the purse strings and as our group accountant she is everybodies best friend. Irene has been with us since 2009 and is a BIG fan of the strawberry cheescake....yum!

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  • Erika Gaizute

    Erika has been with us since we first took over the shop in Blanchardstown in 2007. A born leader her team has won our "shop of the year" award two years running and our customers in 'Blanch' always know they will be looked after when they call.

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  • Kenneth Murphy

    Kenny is our Business Development Manager responsible for looking after you where you are - Mr Catering & Events. Kenny just LOVES our Tripledekker Toasty, a legend of a sandwich!! So should you want to know what O'Brien's NI can do for your EVENT or MEETING......Kennys the Man!

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  • Mairead McGowan

    Mairead "rejoined" us in September of this year after a brief sabattical (she just couldnt stay away) and is the Manager of our Rushmere store in Craigavon. Welcome back Mairead, we missed you.

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  • Paul Garvey

    Paul is our 'Mr Coffee' and has been with us for over 10 years. He believes that our rich and creamy espresso is the best in the country.....try one and you can tell him what you think!

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  • Mary Deery

    Mary joined the team in March 2008 and has been a favourite part of the Foyleside scenery since then. Her favourite food at O'Brien's is our famous Ham & Cheese Toasty.

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  • Anne Grant

    Anne O'Brien as she is known in the Maiden City. Anne has been with us since 2008 and is our Training and Standards Manager responsible for ensuring that you get the best we can give everyday in every store! Nothing gets Anne out of bed faster than a bacon & sausage wrap with Ballymaloe relish and a wee cup of tea!

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  • Shane White

    Shane is the nicest man in Newry, a real customer service fanatic you won't get into his store without Shane making sure your experience is seems to be a Newry thing to tell him so by writing it on a napkin. Georgi's scones are what floats Shane boat first thing in the morning.

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  • Damien Garvey

    Damien is our very own Mr Happy!!!! We have to make sure that he gets his espresso in the morning otherwise not so happy!! In business with his big brother Adrian since 2004 he is the person who keeps things ticking along and keeps changing things......always for the better of course!!

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  • Caroline Lavery

    Caroline became a store Manager in 2011 and is already a legend in her own lunchtime!! She is now at the helm of our Casltecourt Shopping Centre site. - "Our 'Tuna Melt' is the best lunch in Northern Ireland!" ....Who are we to argue!

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